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Offline Ticket Purchases and Editing Tickets
Offline Ticket Purchases and Editing Tickets
How to add tickets bought by cash or check, or modify tickets with the same tax value.
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Sometimes donors buy a ticket they didn't mean to buy, or sometimes they pay you for a ticket directly. Here's how you can make changes to a ticket purchase or add a ticket purchase using the "Add Offline Ticket Purchase" function.

To add an offline ticket purchase:

  • Go to the Campaigns tab in Fundraising Pages.

  • Click "Manage" for the event in question.

  • Click for the "Guests" tab near the top of the page.

  • Choose "Add Ticket Purchase." You will need to add purchaser information. You can select a purchaser who already exists in your system, or click where it says "Click Here to create a guest purchaser" to add a new contact profile on the spot.

You can follow these same steps to "modify" a ticket purchase. Please be advised that you can only use these steps when the dollar value and fair market value of the two tickets are exactly the same. If a donor needs to change their purchase to a ticket of a different value, reach out to Network for Good's support team to refund the ticket. To modify the ticket purchase: 

  • Go to the People tab in Fundraising Pages, and then Donors/Fundraisers.

  • Search for the ticket purchaser.

  • Click the blue order number next to their ticket purchase on their record.

  • Choose "Mark as Refunded" to remove the ticket purchase from the system. Note that this will not charge back their card, only Network for Good's support team can do this.

  • Now follow the steps above to add an offline ticket purchase. Since the charge stays on the purchaser's credit card, the newly added purchase will bring your records back into line with what's on the purchaser's card. This is a donor-convenient way to make this change.

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