Adding a Donation Page to Your Website
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Once you've created a beautiful and compelling donation page, you'll want to link the page to your organization's website. Below, we'll walk through the basic steps to link those two pages together - that way, visitors can easily locate the best place to easily make donations.

First, create a "Donate" button for your organization's website.

The first thing you'll want to do is add a "Donate" button to your organization's website, if there isn't one already there. There are many free websites that you can use to create a button and embed it on your website - if you need further instructions on how to embed the button on your website, we recommend contacting your web hosting service or a member of your IT team.

Ideally, a donation button should be large, contrast against the rest of your page so it's easily identifiable, and placed in a prominent, easy-to-find location. That way, your supporters won't have to search to find your donation page.

Next, link your donation page and your website together.

Before we begin linking the two pages, we must caution against trying to embed your donation page directly into your website. Embedding the page can cause three problems:

  • It can distract your donors from the donation process (such as spotting something on the menu bar they'd like to read), and cause your "completion rate" (or how many people successfully make a donation) to decrease.

  • It can cause security problems for your donor's transactions, which can cause further complications and jeopardize the trust of your supporters.

  • The pages aren't designed to be embedded, so we cannot guarantee that the pages will function or display as expected.

At this point, you'll want to add the URL to your donation page into the "Donate" button you've just created. If your organization has a person who manages your website, you should be able to provide them with that link and they'll be able to set it up properly. If not, we recommend contacting your web hosting service for further assistance.

Where can I find my donation page's URL (link)?

The easiest way to find and copy your donation page's URL is to make sure you're logged into Fundraising Pages, and click on tile for the donation page you're looking to share.

Once you've reached the Campaign Overview, click on the white "Share" button, and select the button to "Copy Address.

Now you have the URL of your donation page copied to your device's clipboard, and you can paste it or share it as needed!

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