Adding a Donation Page to Your Website

You've created a beautiful donation page, now share it with the world!

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So you've crafted your story and chosen your most compelling images...your donation page is looking good!  Now what?

Set Up your Donate Button

It's important that you add a Donate button to your website (if it's not already there!) When you select a button, remember that it should ideally be:

  1. Large!

  2. A contrasting color.

  3. Prominently placed. 

In short - don't make your supporters search for your donate button. Make it simple for them to give from any page on your website.  If you don't yet have a button, there are many free services that can help you design your button image. Try it out!

Linking your Donation Page

Be aware: Network for Good donation pages should always be hyperlinked from a button or text, rather than embedded in the page.  The reason for this is twofold:

  1. Embedding the NFG donation page in your website can cause security problems for the transactions (we wouldn't want that!)

  2. You can improve completion rates by removing distractions (like the menu bar of your main site.) We don't want your donors to get sidetracked once they feel the impulse to give.

If you have a person who manages your website for you, simply provide them with the URL to your donation page. To get the URL to your fundraising page, find the Campaign that you'd like to share then click the Manage button. From the Campaign Overview page, just click the Share button.


You are able to quickly copy the URL so that you can add it to your website. Either click on the URL itself or use the Copy Address button to copy it to your clipboard.  

Need Help Setting Up a Hyperlink? 

The process will vary based on what program you're using to create your site. Here are articles with instructions for some popular website builders:

If you don't find your service on this list, try Googling "Hyperlinking an Image in [Name of Your Website Building Service]"

Once you've finished fancying up your webpage, how about going for extra credit? Try adding a donate button to Facebook too!

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