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Livestream Event Attendee Chat Best Practices
Livestream Event Attendee Chat Best Practices
We’ve compiled a list of livestream chat best practices to help you get the most out of your virtual event.
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Hosting a virtual event? Just because you won't be in person with your supporters, doesn’t mean you still can’t engage with them during the event. Network for Good’s Essential Events pages includes an easy-to-use chat feature, so you can communicate with your attendees while not interrupting the event.

Recruit chat stewards

Chat stewards can be staff, volunteers, or even friends and family that get the conversation in the chat going and keep the energy up! Have these people introduce themselves, reply to other attendees, answer your questions, and start up the conversation once it starts to die down.

Make sure at least one chat steward is logged in to the event page during the event

Have at least one chat steward log in to the event page and manage the chat from the Event Dashboard. This will put an 'Event Organizer' label next to their replies so that your attendees can recognize the member from your organization when receiving answers to their questions or acknowledgements for their donations.

Begin your event by welcoming everyone in the chat

The chat is a great way to welcome everyone as soon as the chat starts and tell them a little bit about the event and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Encourage attendees to join the chat

Leveraging your “chat cheerleaders” within the chat conversation is important, but you’ll want to encourage your attendees to join in on the fun as well! Encouraging attendees to join the chat verbally during the livestream can help bolster the conversation and keep the energy for the event high.

Thank attendees for donations as they come in

With our Essential Events pages, attendees can donate as they watch the event, and you can choose to have those donations show up in the chat as they come in. This is a great opportunity to thank attendees in real-time after they submit their donation to give them recognition and hopefully keep the donations coming!

Prepare stories, questions, or fun facts

Prepare a few things to chat throughout the event that correspond to the livestream. This could be donor stories, fun facts about your organization, or questions to ask your attendees.

Use emojis! 😁

Emoji’s make everything more fun! An emoji selector is included for both you and your attendees to use with chat messages.

Monitor for unacceptable language/comments

If an attendee sends an inappropriate comment you can easily remove the comment while the event and chat continue to run. Simply click the orange trashcan icon next to the message you would like to delete:

You can also turn the chat completely off during the event if need be. Simply toggle the "Chat Status" to Disabled. Doing so during the event will turn off the entire chat box without interfering the rest of the livestream.

Send a closing remark before the event ends

Before the event ends, thank everyone for coming and let them know how they can continue to support your organization whether it’s another upcoming event, a new campaign, or just by showing how much their support helps.

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