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How do I rehearse the livestream for my event?
How do I rehearse the livestream for my event?
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We can’t recommend enough that you practice, practice, practice! Practicing not only flipping your Events page from the “Pre-Event” status to the “Live” status will let you and your team become familiar with the changes and features on the page when it’s set to “Live,” and let you see what the participant experience looks like for yourself.

Similarly, practicing turning on and running a test livestream through either YouTube and Vimeo lets you see how that process works and relates to your Essential Events page, and even gives you a chance to proactively troubleshoot any issues (like internet connectivity) prior to the big day.

We strongly recommend that you practice turning both your actual livestream, and your Events page, to “live”, so you can familiarize yourself with how the page will look and feel for your participants during the actual event.

You can test your Events page by selecting the “Live” option (from “Pre-Event”) on your Livestream Dashboard. As a note, if the page is “Live,” it will temporarily remove the option to purchase or register for tickets, so we recommend testing this at a time when traffic to your page will be lower. The tickets will be made available once again, as soon as the page is flipped back to the “Pre-Event” status.

When do you recommend that we practice and/or test the livestream?

We recommend testing at least once before the day of your event, and at a time when traffic will be lower to your page. Ideally, testing it prior to sharing with your participants would be best – but any time with lower traffic (such as early in the morning or late in the evening) is also recommended.

Do we need to “go live” in both YouTube/Vimeo and in our Essential Events page?

Yes! You will need to initiate the livestream itself in either YouTube or Vimeo, and also change the Events page status from “Pre-Event” to “Live.” We recommend starting the livestream video first, and having some sort of “standby” or “we will start momentarily” image posted, so your participants know the event will be starting soon!

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