You can set-up tracking codes for Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixels, and ActiveCampaign.

Tracking codes entered here are utilised on the front end in response to customers acceptance of cookies policies. For Google Analytics the customer has the option of opting out to submitting personal data. If they do this, Ochre does not submit their IP address to Google. Customers can opt out of submitting any info to Facebook.

Advanced ecommerce tracking is implemented on all Ochre Stores, so you will be able to gain insights about conversion to sales.

Facebook Pixel

Ochre is integrated with Facebook events to allow retargeting based on specific customer actions.

Google Analytics

To see this information it is necessary to turn on 'E-commerce Tracking' on for your analytics view. This can be done in Google Analytics under 'E-commerce Settings' when editing your 'View'.


How to set-up

Site Settings > Tracking and Analytics

Add Tracking ID

Enter either Google Analytics ID or Facebook Pixel ID, or in the case of Google Ads, enter the Conversion ID and Conversion Label.

You can enter multiple Google Analytics and Google Ads IDs, but only one Facebook Pixel per store.


Google Ads integration

ActiveCampaign event tracking

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