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Take a tour of the jmc Family app
Take a tour of the jmc Family app

The jmc Family app gives families real-time, on-the-go access to their students’ academic and extracurricular worlds!

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The jmc Family app provides a 360º view of a student's life at school to families on the go. Send lunch money, check grades, find activities, and communicate with teachers. When teachers and school administrators post updates for your students' classes and activities, they will automatically be included in the jmc Family app!

Let's get you set you off on the right foot by navigating you through the Family app from start to finish. We'll begin with a high-level view of what the jmc Family app is and does.

Next, let's start using the app by downloading it and getting logged in.

Introducing your home page, or as we at jmc like to call it, the Dashboard. It shows you at a glance low lunch balances, school closings, academic/activity updates, and more!

Then check out how viewing past absences and reporting new absences is a breeze in the app.

Moving on, learn how we've made tracking all of those extracurriculars easy peasy.

Want to stay informed of your child's assignments, progress in class, and news published by the teacher? Then check out how the Academics page keeps you in the know.

Last but not least, see those three horizontal lines in the corner of the app? That's called the Hamburger Menu. Quick, easy access to a school map, school calendar, menus, the bell schedule, your personal app settings, and more await!

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