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What Open To Close plan is right for you?

Why go Grow?

Why go Pro?

Why go Scale?

  • Unlimited transactions

  • Custom fields

  • Merge fields & smart blocks

  • Scheduled emails

  • Free agent & client portals

  • Task management

  • Automations

  • Intake forms

  • Commissions

  • Reporting

  • Everything in Grow, plus...

  • DocuSign

  • Webhooks

  • Advanced automations

  • Unlimited intake forms

  • Multiple task triggers

  • Unlimited smart blocks

  • Commission Templates

  • Everything in Pro, plus...

  • Messaging

  • Triggered automations

  • Task conditions

  • Trigger templates

  • Premium support

  • Unlimited Commission Features

  • Unlimited Reporting

Questions on what pricing plan is right for you? Reach out to us at

Learn How Transactions Are Managed in Open To Close

For a live overview of using Open To Close, please find a time to register for one of our FREE group training sessions with the links below:

Quick Wins

Before you start customizing your account, take some time to review the details below which will assist with your general navigation and setup of your account.

Account and Profile Details

  • Profile - Verify that your information here is correct. The phone number in your profile is used for account notifications for things like new intake forms or incoming texts.

  • Security - Users can reset their passwords or change the email address for the profile here. Two Factor Authentication enablement is also found in this section.

  • Plan & Billing - This is a great reference point to verify what plan you are on, see your invoices once your subscription has started, and where you can change your card on file.

Team and Portal Setup

Revisit this setup once you are ready to invite your team and agents to the system!

  • Team Members & Permissions - ​​Set the permissions for your team members immediately after inviting them.

  • Teams - Your Teams allow other users to have access to properties. If you have multiple people assisting with a file, those team members should be on the same Team with their roles defined. If your Team handles their files individually you will need to create a Team for each person with their roles defined.

  • Agents- Granting an Agent Portal access and setting their permissions.

  • Brokerages - Adding Brokerages to associate with the agents in your account. Great for branding your Intake Forms!

  • Portal Roles - Creating Portal Roles and their permissions for Clients and Additional Party Members on your transactions.

Setup Your Email

  • Email Addresses - Connect your email account to send emails out of the system. You can connect both a Google Workspace and Microsoft account to one account if needed. Then set the default email address that will be used for your profile. Emails will need to be connected per team member on your account which can be done by the individual team member.

  • Email Signatures - Create the email signature(s) that you will use when sending emails from your account and assign them to your team members. Email signatures have HTML functionality, images, GIFs, and links are welcome.

Customization Journey

We hold weekly FREE group sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to train users on how to customize and use their accounts. Below are the registration links for each of our group sessions and the order that we typically recommend users attend, as this is the order that we recommend users take when customizing their accounts.

This is the foundation of your account. Fields are used throughout the system to create and power your property. The more applicable the fields are to your state contract and business, the easier it is to use your account. Take some time and start customizing these first.

Think of who you communicate with during the transaction timeframe; these are the types of contacts that you will track in your Open To Close account. There are many automations around your contact management in Open To Close so once you know who you will be working with, learn the strategies on how to manage them in your account.

Most users are not sure what documents they would want to track in Open To Close and why. If this is a document that you need to send to anyone during the transaction timeframe or a document that your team will need to reference as they process their transaction, you likely will want to track it in Open To Close. Learn how to manage your documents in your account before customizing your templates.

Whether you are coming from another transaction management software or spreadsheets, most users have a rough idea of what they should be doing for the listing and under contract transactions. Gather any information you have on your current processes so you can use it as a guide when making edits to your tasks and task triggers.

What type of correspondence do you plan on sending out of your account? Do you already have templates for these touch points? Start gathering any details on these touch points so you can easily add them to your email and text templates.

Learn how to create your properties in Open To Close and add your templates to power your transaction. Most users are going to use our Intake Forms and the conditional logic to create their properties. Other users who create their properties manually or through our API will use Property Templates. Learn how to customize these templates to your business needs.

Now that you have gotten here, review Using Open To Close again knowing all the work you just did! Learn how to manage and run your transactions in Open To Close. We’ll also show you how to create Tables and Segments, best practices for using the Task Pipeline, and more!

Workshop Wednesdays

There are times when you have more advanced questions or are looking for a general Q&A time to pick our experts' brains on how to set up and use your account. Every week we also have a Workshop Wednesday, which is an hour of open Q&A that all our users can attend.

Workshop Registration Link:

Testing & Refinement

After you complete the initial round of customization in your account, you will want to take time and test everything. When users get to this point of their setup, they should expect to see things that they like and some parts in their process that they want to adjust.

Use this time as you are testing to make notes on what you like and what is not working in your flow, so you can use these notes to improve your account. Most users will continue to improve things as they use their account over time!

Pro Tip:

Continue to attend our Workshop Wednesdays during this time to ask our experts questions and strategies for additional efficiencies in your account.

During your testing and refinement, expect to spend time learning how to do the following:

  • Verify what information was added to your property through your Intake Forms.

  • Linking your test property to your integrations and practice using the different functions.

  • Add test contacts to your property so you can send your test emails/texts to yourself for review.

  • Practice uploading documents to your property and syncing them to/from your integrations.

  • Learn how to filter your tasks and task templates.

  • Complete the tasks and triggers on the test property to see how things will be queued and processed for your transactions.

Run your First Transaction!

Once your templates have been tested and refined, you are ready to start using your processes live! We recommend starting with one to two live transactions at a time, or per person, so your team can get used to the front end. As your team feels comfortable, start adding in the rest of your files.

Continue to attend any and all Group Sessions at this point, but make sure your team has attended our Group Sessions: Using Open To Close 101 to learn our best practices for the front end. Most clients will take these classes multiple times as we cover a lot of information; we also can provide previously recorded sessions if needed.

Integrations 101

Now that you've customized your Open To Close account, lets take a quick moment to make sure we have all of your integrations connected and set up. We have many native integrations in Open To Close. Some are for your emails and others are for syncing data like your fields, contacts, and documents.

Determine which integrations your team will use and set up the connection to them under your Apps & APIs page in Open To Close. Once your integrations are connected, start testing how you will use them.

Email Integrations

CRM Integrations

Document Management Integrations

Additional Integrations

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