If you have employees that are paid in separate pay periods, you can set this up in Payroller.

This guide will assist you in indicating different employees in different pay periods. If you wish to change the pay period for future pay runs or on a single pay run please follow the links provided.

Firstly, you need to choose what pay period your employee belongs in.

To do this, go to People.

Select the settings wheel on your employee card

Go to the Employment section.

Under Pay Period, select which pay period the employee belongs to. You have the choice between All, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Quarterly.

Save and close those changes. Repeat for more employees if needed.

To complete a pay run, return to Run Payroll.

Click on 'New Pay Run'.

Select the relevant pay run period.

Any employees with the specific pay run period will appear on the pay run.

Proceed with the pay run as normal.

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