The following process can be done for both annual and sick/carer’s leave.

Select the Leave section in the left-hand side column.

Make sure you are in the Request section.

Click on the ‘Create’ button for the required leave type.

The following form will appear.

Add the required employee’s name and the leave period.

You’re also able to leave a note with any details about the leave here.

Click ‘Save & Close’ when you’re done.

Note: You aren’t able to request/schedule leave for already passed dates.

To view scheduled leave, click on the Scheduled tab.

Here the details of the leave will appear. There is also the option to delete leave here.

All leave added here will automatically appear in the relevant pay run.

Scheduled leave will also appear on rosters.

Please note: If a scheduled leave is created on a date a shift has been rostered, you will receive a collision error. To resolve this please remove the rostered shift before scheduling leave.

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