Setting up, posting and amending offers is all done in sQuid. In Tali, you map the sQuid offers to Tali accounts, importing sQuid transactions is an automatic process.

The automatic integration in Tali is described here.

Use the sQuid menu to do the following:

  • Use Map Offers to map sQuid offers to Tali accounts to ensure that the transactions are added to the correct user accounts and names in Tali.

  • In most cases, names will map automatically in Tali from your MIS or MISapp. Sometimes they aren't and this means some transactions won't be imported. You can use Map Contacts to ensure that all the contacts have been mapped and manually map any that haven't been automatically mapped.

  • Use Pending Import to view any transactions that are greyed out, indicating they have not been mapped and won't be imported into Tali. If there are any that need to be imported into Tali, use Map Offers to map them.

Use the Bank & Cash and Transactions menus to do the following: 

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