Prism's calendar is easy to use to track Holds, Confirms, and Announce/On Sale Dates all in one place. Color coded by venues/stages, you will always know where your events stand!

Getting Around the Calendar


Use the Filter on the top right corner of the calendar to toggle on and off certain types of events and Venues/Stages. Create a Saved View for yourself to easily switch between different views of the calendar. Use the "View Settings" button to customize the color coding and the layout of the calendar. Learn more about Calendar Settings here.

Looking for an event on the calendar but don't see it? Refresh your browser and double check the venue filter (top right corner of the calendar) that the venue is selected.

You can also track Announce Dates, On Sale Dates, Pre Sale Dates and Custom Additional Dates on the calendar for Confirmed events. Learn more about adding Additional Dates to events here.

Share open availability using the Avails feature in the top right corner of the calendar.

Pro Tip: Do you work with a promoter or venue that you'd like to give access to book or request holds on your calendar? Sync your calendar with their Prism calendar using Shared Holds. This features allows you to give a promoter/venue limited access to your calendar to request or receive holds directly from their Prism account.


Prism's permissions allow you to delegate access to only particular venues or types of events if you would like to limit user access to the calendar. Check out our article on permissions to learn how to assign access to only particular venues or to only confirmed events on the calendar.

Managing Holds

To learn more about adding holds to the calendar, managing existing holds and a demo video, check out this article.

Prism's calendar adds holds in sequential order automatically and gives you the flexibility to adjust hold levels, clear holds, and delete holds to make sure you are staying on top of everything. Click onto a hold on the calendar to open the menu pictured below.

1. Copy Holds to Clipboard. Need to send someone all your hold dates/levels? Prism allows you to copy all of your hold info in one click. You can copy a list of hold dates to your clipboard to paste into email easily from Prism. It will look like this:

Mac DeMarco


315 Bowery, New York, NY 10003, USA


August 2022

21 Sun - H2

22 Mon - H2

23 Tue - H2

24 Wed - H2

25 Thu - H2

2. Add Target Date. Mark the selected hold date as the target date for the event by clicking the target symbol. This symbol will appear on the calendar so that you can keep track of which dates the artist is targeting.

3. Update Hold Level. Adjust the hold level using the dropdown.

4. Manage Holds. Use this link to add new hold dates, remove holds, or change the venue/stage from the calendar.

5. Clear Hold. This will clear the hold from the calendar. You can reference which dates have been cleared by turning on your calendar filter for "Cleared Holds." All holds behind the cleared hold will automatically promote to the next hold level if a hold above it is cleared as long as "Auto promote Hold Levels" is enabled in Settings. In the example below, slowthai was a H3 and ZHU was H4. When slowthai was cleared, ZHU moved up to H3.

6. Confirm. Use this button to confirm the date on the calendar. When you click confirm, you will have the option to send a confirmation email to a group of users and to clear all relevant holds on that day which would clear any other holds on that stage when this event confirms.


If you would like to see Holidays or Competitive events on the calendar, we recommend creating a "Holiday" venue and adding the holidays as Confirmed events to that venue and stage to see them alongside the rest of the events on your calendar.

Troubleshooting the Calendar

A good old fashioned "Refresh" on your browser will always be the first step for troubleshooting any issue you may be experiencing on the calendar. If you are not seeing the events that you would expect to see on the calendar, double check that you have all of your filters turned on including all stages and venues selected.

If you have any questions, contact!

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