Errors in the handling of incoming goods of throughout the picking process can result in a wrong stock information: The amount stored in PULPO WMS deviates from that actually available in the warehouse.

In this case it can happen, that e.g. picking tasks can not be completed.

In such a case the following steps need to be carried out:

  1. The current tasks needs to be finished. More about that.

  2. Create a counting task, count and audit the task.


  • The current task need to be finished before the counting task it starts. Otherwise inconsistencies can occur.

  • The counting task should be performed immediately after the initial task is finished in order to return to correct stock amounts a quickly as possible.

  • In case an ERP-system is connected via API: Never change stock amounts directly in the ERP system. All stock modification need to be performed in PULPO WMS.

In case the stock is not correct in the ERP system perform the following steps: Count in PULPO WMS as described above and then set the stock amount directly in the ERP system to the amount documented in PULPO WMS.

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