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Exhausted Records from Marketing? MONEY!
Exhausted Records from Marketing? MONEY!

Learn how to filter for and manage Exhausted Records from marketing.

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What are Exhausted Records?

Exhausted records are where none of the phone numbers you have for that owner are reaching their intended recipient. This can happen when all the numbers are either wrong, do not call, or dead leading to a dead end in your marketing efforts. It's important to identify exhausted records at the end of each marketing campaign so you can either adjust your skip tracing strategy, start a direct mail campaign, or move on to other prospects.

Understanding the Exhausted Owner Filter

REISift offers the Exhausted Filters feature to make it easier to filter for exhausted records. This feature searches for records where all phone numbers have statuses that are either DNC, WRONG, NO ANSWER or DEAD, using the "Exhausted Owner" filter.

The Exhausted Filters feature:

  • Filters records where all phone numbers have a status

  • Considers phone numbers with statuses including Wrong, No Answer, Dead, DNC, or Wrong_DNC.

  • Does not consider records with No Status, Correct_DNC or Correct status.

You can achieve this same filter with the Phone Status Combination filter. However, the Exhausted > Yes filter achieves this combination quicker.

If you want to filter by phone statuses with a different combination, you can check use our Phone Status Combination filter to combine statuses differently. Check out the Filtering by Phone Status article for more information.

Filtering for Exhausted Records

From the Records page, select Filter Records towards the top right, and click Add new filter block.

Add the list or other criteria included in the campaign.

Add the Exhausted Owner Records Filter Block.

Select Exhausted Records YES or NO from the drop down.

Since exhausted records are records that do not have a correct number after the end of the campaign, this filter is best combined with a filter that tracks marketing attempts.

There are two ways to track marketing attempts, by adding attempt tags (CC A01, CC A02, etc) or by incrementing marketing attempts within the record.

If you're tracking marketing attempts by tag, you'll add the Tags filter block and include all marketing attempts completed in the campaign.

Note: tags are fully customizable, you'll select the custom tag you created to track attempts

Tracking using Marketing Attempts? Add the Call attempts filter block instead of tags (or SMS if you were completing an SMS campaign) and enter in the amount of marketing attempts for both the minimum and maximum.

Now Apply Filters. Those are your Exhausted Records! Now you can decide whether to skip trace in another location, send direct mail, or deep prospect.

Hint: To see records that have not been skip traced twice, include your first skip tracing source tag ex. REISift Skipped and Do Not Include your second source, ex. Skip Genie Skipped.

Send direct mail and Deep Prospect these records. For deep prospecting you can change status to prospecting and add a deep prospecting tag, or create a custom status for deep prospecting then start and go through that process of researching siblings and family members.

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