Exhausted records are records where all of the numbers you have for that record will not reach the owner. For example, all of the numbers you have for the owner are dead or wrong numbers. You'll want to check for exhausted records at the end of each marketing campaign so you can either reskip in another location, or deep prospect.

Filtering for Exhausted Records

Since exhausted records are records that do not have a correct number after the end of the campaign, they can be located by filtering for the list or other criteria in your marketing campaign (ex. preforeclosures or vacant + absentee), number of marketing attempts, and excluding the Correct phone status. You'll also want to exclude property statuses.

From the Records page, select Filter Records towards the top right, and Add new filter block.

Add the list or other criteria included in the campaign. Select Add new filter block, add the Params & Others filter block and select Numbers -> Yes.

Next, add the Property Status filter block. Then select Do not Include, and select all property statuses (using follow up status or sensei flow for call attempts? Include this status and exclude all others.)

Next, add the Phone Status filter block and select Do not include -> Correct.

There are two ways to track marketing attempts, by adding attempt tags (CC A01, CC A02, etc) or by incrementing marketing attempts within the record.

If you're tracking marketing attempts by tag, you'll add the Tags filter block and include all marketing attempts completed in the campaign.
Note: tags are fully customizable, you'll select the custom tag you created to track attempts

Tracking using Marketing Attempts? Add the Call attempts filter block instead of tags (or SMS if you were completing SMS campaign) and enter in the amount of marketing attempts for both the minimum and maximum.

Now Apply Filters. Those are your Exhausted Records! Now you can decide whether to skip trace in another location, send direct mail, or deep prospect.

Hint: To see records that have not been skip traced twice, include your first skip tracing source tag ex. REISift Skipped and Do Not Include your second source, ex. Skip Genie Skipped.

Now select all records and skip trace in a second location.

To see records already skip traced twice, include both skip tracing tags.

Send direct mail and Deep Prospect these records. For deep prospecting you can change status to prospecting and add a deep prospecting tag, or create a custom status for deep prospecting then start and go through that process of researching sibling and family members.

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