To pause, edit, switch, or delete an auto-invest order, you log in to Sharesies and:

  • Go to Invest,
  • Select Auto-invest,
  • Select the order that you currently have set up,
  • Select the pink circle icon with the pink in the bottom-right corner,
  • Choose to either pause, edit, switch, or delete the order.

Pausing an auto-invest order

When you pause an auto-invest order, we won’t place the order until you’ve unpaused it. You can pause your order, but you won’t be able to set up another one in its place, as you can only have one auto-invest order set up at any one time. 

To set up another auto-invest Order, you need to delete the existing one. 

Editing an auto-invest order

With the pre-made orders, you can’t edit the funds in those orders. If you would like to set up your own order and choose your own funds and percentage allocations, then you can create your very own DIY order.

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