Your catalog is the place where all of your songs and playlist folders reside. It's where a lot of users spend most of their time adding, editing, and sharing songs or listening to new music. 

This article covers the basics of what you need to know to get your catalog up and running.

Catalog Header

 The '+' button

Add content to your catalog by selecting the '+' button.  Select from the menu to create a new song project, create a new playlist folder, add recordings, upload files, create a new release, or create a new smart playlist.

For more information on the '+' button, click here.

Note: In the Ideas section, the '+' button will allow you to create a new idea and add recordings.

Playlist Folder Actions

Catalog content can also be added by clicking the playlist folder title, revealing actions affecting the content and basic properties of the folder. 

To the right are quick actions focused on sharing and collaboration tasks. 

  1. Share Link

  2. Pitch (Creator & Business only)

  3. Details

  4. More…
        a. Member Settings
        b. Export Playlist...
        c. Preview Playlist…
        d. Watchers… (Business only)

  5. Global Search

Account Links

Visit Network and other areas of Songspace using the Account Links in the top-right.

1. App Sections
    a. Catalog
    b. Pitching (Creator & Business only)
    c. Network
    d. Activity 

e. Help

f. Chat with us

2. Notifications
3. Account
    a. Profile
    b. Account Settings

  Side Navigation

  1. Primary Catalog, My Songs - contains songs you’ve created or added to your catalog. This is the default location for all your files and music.

  2. Playlist folders - organize your catalog with playlist folders. Control folder members or share via link.

  3. Shared With Me - Shared With Me is your inbox for shared song projects and playlists. Anything you are added to as a member will appear here first. Move the shared item to your catalog to edit, share, or organize. Learn move about Shared With Me here.

Songs and Files

Song Projects
Your songs are displayed by default when you first open your catalog or any playlist folder.

  1. Toolbar Displays primary actions. When one or more items is selected, the toolbar is updated with more options. The actions in this image are customize display, reorder playlist, and select all.

  2. Right-click menu - you can perform any available action on a song project by right-clicking to reveal an actions menu.

Play a song, select an action from the actions menu, or double-click it to open the song project.

Select more than one song and then click the pencil icon to bulk-edit almost any attribute. 

Learn more about your Song Projects List


The Recordings section contains recordings you’ve uploaded or added to your catalog. Each recording type has an icon to show if it’s a file or linked from Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud. 

Learn more about your Recordings List


The Files section contains files you’ve added to your catalog. Each file type has an icon to show if it’s a PDF, image or photo, text file, or unknown.

Learn more about your Files List


Click into the search box above your song or file lists and type any part of a song title or lyric to find your assets.

To learn more about searching your catalog, click here.

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