How to Close a Group
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A Group can be closed in Penelope once all Group events have been either resolved or removed. For instructions on how to remove non-resolved Group events click here.

How to Close a Group from the Group Page

These instructions are for Penelope version and above.

As of Penelope version it is possible to close all Group Service Files from the Group page (once all events have been resolved) rather than from the Group Service File page.

If your agency is using a version of Penelope prior to all Group Service Files have to be closed from the Group Service File page before closing the Group (click here for instructions).

Follow the steps below to close a Group from the Group page:

  1. Click Group List from your My Home Page.

  2. In the Results section select the Group you would like to Close (Green dot indicates the Group is open and a red dot indicates the Group is closed).

  3. Click Close Group.

  4. Enter a Close Date (the Close Date must be after the date of the last booked event and all events must be resolved).

  5. Select a Close Reason.

  6. Enter any Close Notes (if applicable).

  7. Click Save.

The Group and all associated Group Service Files will be closed immediately on the condition that all Group events are resolved and any other conditions are met. A Group can be reopened by clicking Reopen Group (this will only open the Group and not any associated Group Service Files).

How to Close a Group Service File

If your agency is using a version of Penelope prior to you will need to close any Group Service Files prior to closing the Group. For information on how to close a Group Service File click here. If you have already closed all Group Service Files follow the instructions above.

When to Close a Non-Continuous Group

As non-continuous groups have a fixed start date, end date and number of events, you would generally want to close a non-continuous group once all group events have occurred.

When to Close a Continuous Group

As continuous groups are generally ongoing (e.g. no fixed end date or number of events) they would be closed when they are no longer required.

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