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Case Notes (Service Event Notes)
Case Notes (Service Event Notes)
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Case notes (also referred to as Service Events notes) are entered at the Service Event level in Penelope. Service Event notes can also be locked when completed (so they cannot be edited/deleted) and also marked for followup.

It should also be noted that group event notes that are unique to the attendee are also recorded in the same way. If you need to add the same group event notes for all attendees click here for instructions.

Adding Service Event Notes

Follow the instructions below to enter the Service Event notes:

  1. Navigate to the Service Event you would like to add notes to (these can be found in the Service File or Group Service File).

  2. In the Service Events section click the Service Event you would like to add notes to.

  3. In the Service Details section click Edit.

  4. Enter your Event Notes.

  5. Click Save.

Lock Service Event Notes

Once you have completed writing your Service Event notes (case notes) it is possible to lock them so they cannot be deleted or edited. This is a permanent action and cannot be reversed. To lock your notes click the Lock link highlighted below.

Mark Followup Required

The Mark Follow-up Required link when clicked simply reminds the Worker that a follow-up is required. There is no further functionality tidied to this action.

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