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FAQs for assigning devices

Support and advice for assigning your Tended device(s) to a project on your Dashboard

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This article covers some common questions that come up with assigning devices to your Dashboard. Before your devices are ready to go onsite, they need to be assigned to the correct project or site to get their information about the safe zones (geofences) for that shift.

Please note: for general information on how to assign a device please check out our guide here πŸ“

If you're having an issue assigning your device to a project, there are a few things you can check. Let's dive in πŸ‘‡

Check which project it is assigned to

Devices can only be assigned to one project at a time. This is to ensure it has the correct information about the worksite(s) for a body of work.

To find out how to check if a device is assigned to a different project check out our guide here.

To find out how to unassign a device check out our guide here.

Check the device IDs

A common issue is the 6-digit ID of the device on-site does not match the one assigned to a project.

You can find out which device IDs are assigned to a specific project by following our guide here. You'll need the physical device in front of you to check the serial number, which can be found on the back of the device. It is a 6-digit number.

If you have confirmed that the correct device ID is not attached to the project, you will need to assign the device. Find out how to assign a device here.

Check what mode the device is assigned too

Another common issue is the device being assigned as the wrong type to a project. Devices can be used in Asset mode or Wearable mode. For using live location tracking, you'll need them to be in Asset mode.

You can view and change this from the "Devices" section on your Project page:

What's the difference between "Asset" and "Wearable" mode?

There are two modes a Wearable device can be used in:

  • Wearable mode

  • Asset mode

Wearable mode (for track workers)

Asset mode (for assets such as marker boards/trolleys)





Any questions or issues?

We're here to help! Simply pop us an at email, WhatsApp us on 07713682625 or drop us a message via live chat from the blue bubble in the corner of this page or within the Dashboard 😊

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