How to Add New Members (during transition)

Adding members yourself vs migrating data? Here's a guide on how to ensure proper set up.

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When transitioning onto Triib, we can import your members for you or you can manually add them into the system (recommended for gyms with <50 members).

Prior to manually adding your members, make sure you have the following set up:

Now you are ready to start adding in your members!

Step 1: From your Admin Dashboard, go to Members and click "Add New Member."

Pro Tip: To save time on this page, just fill out the member's first name, last name and email address. All other fields can be filled out by the member when they sign your waiver!

Step 2: After creating the member, you will be brought to their profile page. From here, select "Add New Plan."

Pro Tip: Only Add New Plan for those that have memberships. If you need to Add an Attendance Pack or Appointment Pack, go to Store > Store > Select the appropriate pass. You can edit the attendance pack from their profile to change the number of passes/sessions remaining. Learn more about Memberships & Attendance Packs

It is important to note when adding a plan to a member's account that they will not have access to the class schedule or programming until their billing start date passes! For transitioning gyms, we recommend setting your members' start dates to their most recent bill date, and then apply a one time discount so that they will have access to their accounts prior to their first full bill date in Triib.

For example: KB Fitness won't begin processing payments through Triib until 9/1, so they set their memberships to start on 8/1, and apply a one time, 100% off discount:

Lastly, make sure to check off the box next to "Send Plan Welcome Email" - this will give your members access to their new Triib accounts.

Click "Review" > "Save Plan" and you are good to go!

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