Settings - All Projects - PM

Here is how to use the settings for all your projects

Written by Stéphanie Clement
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General (00:08)

Under this tab you can enter all the information regarding your management company. It is important to enter the right address if you want your residents to have access to the good services from our providers.

Roles (00:19)

Under this tab, you can create the roles for your accounts. Choose what type of access you want your colleagues to have.

Accounts (00:45)

Create your colleagues an account and assign them a role so they can have access to the Usewalter platform

Saved Replies (01:04)

Create company wide answer in this section to be able to share them in the chat

Task Settings (01:32)

Integrations (01:59)

Enter your companies third party sync ID and save it to enable syncs.

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