Status Icons

Explaining Status icons, asynchronous post & transfer, and audit logs in the Status Column.

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The Status Column in will always contain an Icon, showing you vital information at a glance, with additional details on hover. Below is a full description of the Icons and any additional complexities you may encounter. You can also access the Audit Log from the status cell.

Status Icons

Final State Icons

  • Posted: Invoice has been posted to the connected system, such as Intacct or QBO

  • Exported: Invoice has been exported in a file format for upload to ERP system

  • Transferred: Document has been sent to connected system, such as QBO or

Error Status

  • Duplicate: An invoice with the same document type, vendor, and invoice number already exists in (Read full article)

  • Error: A required field is missing. Hover over the icon to see what field(s) are missing!

Processing Status

  • Unreviewed: An invoice that has just entered

  • Reviewed: Once you’ve finished processing the invoice, you can mark it reviewed, signifying to yourself and colleagues that no further processing is needed.

Status Icon Priority

Only one icon will show at a time, even if multiple may apply. The priority in which they are shown is:

  1. Final State

  2. Duplicate

  3. Error

  4. Processing Status

Asynchronous Post & Transfer

After confirming a post or transfer action, we'll immediately return you to your previous screen while we continue to send all the information to your connected system in the background. Understand the visual language with the examples for posting below.

  • In Progress: The status icon is grey, with a revolving outline

  • Partially Posted: The status icon is yellow. This generally means that data coding was transmitted, but the document may not have. Enter into the status field for more information.

    • Screen Recording 2022-10-21 at PM
  • Posting Error: The status icon is red. The invoice was not posted to the connected system. Enter into the status field for more information to rectify before posting again.

Audit Log

The Audit Log, found in the side drawer, tracks an invoice from ingestion to exit, can also be accessed from the Status Column.

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