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Vendor Information Card (I-icon)
Vendor Information Card (I-icon)

See vendor information, recent bill summary, and all vendor history

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We know how important it can be to see vendor account information, as well as previous examples of processed bills. This is why has the Vendor Information Card.

Access the Vendor Information Card:

  1. Keyboard shortcut for selected vendor: 'control + i'

  2. Click the 'i' icon next to a vendor name

Information on a Vendor Information Card:

  • Address

  • Account Number (integration-dependent)

  • Payment Method (integration-dependent)

  • Summary of five most recent invoices

  • View Recent Invoices: Clicking this link will open a new browser tab pre-filtered for all invoices from this vendor.

Vendor Information Mapping

The chart below shows the vendor information fields and the fields they sync with in the respective connected system. Field


Sage Intacct


Address fields

Address fields

Address fields

Account Number

not available

Vendor Account Number

Account Number

Payment Gateway

"Check" field has info

Preferred Payment Method

Will show type if "check"

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