For answers to some commonly-asked questions, please see the FAQs below. For more information, click the linked question for a detailed support article.

Q: What are 'seats', 'team members', and 'reviewers'?

Team members are users who get a Wipster login and can upload content for review. Reviewers are clients who do not log in, instead they view content that you share with them via email or shareable URL.

Q: How do I add team members?

The owner or admins can add team members from Account Settings.

Q: How do I upload a video/media asset?

Drag and drop the file right into your Media Library, or click to choose between uploading directly from your computer or importing from cloud storage.

Q: How do I share a media asset?

You will share content either by sending a private email, or creating and sending a shareable URL. There are many options when sharing, please see the linked article for more.

Q: What file formats do you support?

Wipster accepts video, audio, image, and .pdf files.
For the fastest possible video experience then we suggest that you use .mp4, .mov or .mpg videos with the H.264 codec.

Q: Does Wipster have a maximum file upload size or limit?

Yes, we we currently have a maximum file upload size of 12GB.  

Q: How do I change the notification frequency for my account?

Team members can change the notification frequency from Account Settings.
Individual asset notifications can be disabled from the asset 'Comments' settings.

Q: What notifications will my clients / reviewers receive?

This depends on how you share the media with the reviewer, but the reviewer may receive hourly updates or none at all. Notifications can also be toggled off from each shared asset.

Q: Why can't my reviewer log in?

Reviewers do not have a log in unless they were added as a team member. For reviewers to access shared content, they will need to click the shared link or click from the shared email to jump directly to the asset.

Q: Can I add my own branding to Wipster?

You can indeed on a paid plan subscription. The free plan does not have this option. 

Q: How do I share a folder?

It's not currently possible to share a folder (we're working on it!), but you can share all the assets within a folder via a single link or email by selecting all assets in the folder to share.

Q: How can I limit user access to a specific project folder?

You can add a team member with guest access, giving them access to only the folder you want to share.

Q: How do I upload a new version, compare versions, and delete older versions?

View our tutorial from the link for help managing media versions.

Q: How do I delete storage?

First move your file to the trash where it will be kept for 30 days before being permanently deleted automatically. Manually delete files from trash to immediately free up storage.

Q: Where can I find my invoices?

The owner can find the invoices from account settings. Enterprise accounts will need to contact their Wipster account manager to have an invoice sent.

Q: Why is my video encoding slow?

Upload speed can be affected by by many things both at our end or yours. Check out the linked article for more.
To check for reported incidents, our status page can be found here. 

Q: Where can I find a walkthrough training video?

Click the link to view the team member training guide.

Q: Is there a training guide I can send to my clients/reviewers?

Click the link to view the reviewer training guide.

Q: I signed up for a free account but am not sure where to begin. Do you have a tutorial to help get me started?

Welcome to Wipster! We have put together a tour of the free plan features linked above.

Q: I am an existing Wipster user and received information about new pricing plans. Do I have to upgrade?

Nope! You can stay on your current plan. If you want to switch to team, but have concerns about pricing, reach out to us at

Q: I am a team member of an existing Wipster account and want my own personal account. Can I sign up for the free plan?

Absolutely. Just contact Wipster Support and we'll get a new free account created for you. Click on the intercom chat in the app to start a conversation with us!


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