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Note: For Salesforce users only

Reveal enables you to export New Prospects as new accounts in your CRM.

Why is this Useful

Exporting New Prospects to your CRM will quickly:

  • Enrich your CRM by adding high-potential accounts from your partners that you aren’t currently targeting.

  • Engage your sales and marketing teams by adding target accounts where these teams are already working—in your CRM— rather than expecting them to go on another platform.

How It Works

  1. In the New Prospects view, select accounts that you would like to be created as new account records in your CRM. Click on the ‘Action’ dropdown menu and select ‘Export to Salesforce’.

  2. Reveal will fetch the following required fields and have them prefilled:

    • Company Name

    • Website

    • Billing Country

    • Account Source

  3. Fill out the following required fields:

    • Account Owner — This will determine who the account gets assigned to on your CRM

    • Account Type — Prospect as these New Prospects don’t currently exist in your CRM.

    You can also map Reveal data to any field from your CRM (not just default fields), and input any type of Reveal data you wish to see in your CRM records. Types of fields include:

    • Picklist

    • Boolean

    • Text/ Numeric.

  4. Click 'Create Accounts' and the accounts will be exported with the mapped fields. You will get a confirmation when the export is complete to check in your CRM.

Here’s how it’ll look on the platform:

On Salesforce

Exported New Prospects will look like any other Salesforce record but with the following details:

  • Records will be created on the Account Level.

  • Account Owner will be assigned based on the individual selected in the Reveal menu before creating the record.

  • Account Source will be recorded as “X-Y Customers” with X being your company, and Y being your partner’s company.

Exporting New Prospects data is a premium feature. To know more,

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