We have added the ability for you to filter your booking history in the latest IOS & Android Apps.

This is to provide you with a more organised view of your booking request history, allowing you to keep track of jobs you've been booked for, jobs you haven't been booked for but received an invite and jobs that you have declined - all at a glance.

Here's how it works

  • Use the filter buttons at the top to tap on and off the "Booked", "Not Booked" and "Declined" filters.

  • A filter button is on if it is coloured and white if it's off. You can also select all of the filters.

  • Scroll down the list of bookings to see the relevant responses.

  • Bookings that you have received but haven't replied to will appear in each filter option you select.

  • If you tap off or unselect all the filters you will just only see requests that haven't been replied to.

This is a list of bookings with the filters "Booked" and "Not Booked" selected.

This is a list of bookings with the filter "Declined" selected.

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