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Teacher profile tips and tricks to stand out
Teacher profile tips and tricks to stand out
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When it comes to booking more work, gaining experience and advancing in your teaching career, having a compelling ClassCover profile is a great place to start. A good profile should capture the attention of schools, give them enough information about your skills and work experience to show them that you are the right fit, and be kept up to date, so the school is actually able to book you.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips to help your teacher profile stand out on ClassCover.

Complete your profile

Starting off strong, completing your ClassCover profile should be at the very top of your to-do list. If you are serious about connecting with new schools and getting booked for regular work, your teacher profile is where you should be focusing your attention.

Think about it this way: when you’ve put time and effort into developing your craft and building your experience and qualifications, why not show it off to every new school that comes across your profile?

The good news is, we’ve made it as easy as possible to get your profile into tip top shape with a helpful progress bar to help you visualise how much of your profile you have left to complete. Next time you log into ClassCover, look for the coloured bar under your name which will tell you the percentage of your profile that has been completed.

Here’s what it looks like on the web:

This teacher has some work to do to complete his profile 😬

Upload a profile picture

When you’re meeting a new principal or school admin team in person you do everything you can to make a good impression, right? Well meeting them virtually—by way of your ClassCover profile—should be no different.

Following on from our first point, uploading a profile picture to ClassCover is a crucial step in making your profile stand out. In fact, when we put out a survey to schools right around Australia earlier in the year, we discovered that 1/3 of schools wouldn’t book a teacher who didn’t have a picture on their profile.

Before you go and upload that latest selfie to your profile, here’s a couple of tips to choosing a good photo for your profile:

  • Photos from the shoulders up tend to work best

  • Ensure you have good lighting. Try positioning yourself so you’re facing a window or source of light.

  • Presentation is key. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward with your grooming and outfit choices.

Include your CV

Did you know you can upload your CV and other documents to your profile? If you have extra experience, qualifications or anything you would like to show off that doesn’t fit on your profile, you can upload documents directly to live on your profile for schools to view and download. Uploading your CV is also a great step if you are going to be applying for contract or permanent positions in the future.

Update your availability

Next to a completed profile, updated availability is one of the most important factors when it comes to a casual relief teacher’s success. With everything that’s going on in the education space right now, you can guarantee that principals, admin staff, or whoever is tasked with managing a school’s relief teachers has their hands full. Updating your availability makes life easier for schools and increases your chances of being booked.

When we asked some of the schools using ClassCover for their thoughts on the matter, 59% of schools said they would not book a teacher who hadn’t updated their availability.

And remember, you can now add bookings made outside the platform to your ClassCover calendar to keep track of all your booked days in one place.  

Respond to all booking requests

The education community is small and whether you realise it or not, actions you take (or don’t take) can come back and bite you down the line. In times like these where demand for teachers outstrips supply, you can find yourself fielding a higher-than-normal number of booking requests from schools. While it can be tempting to fob these off when you are already booked and busy, ignoring booking requests can leave a bad impression with schools and, if done repeatedly, could see you being removed from a school’s list before you know it.

Reach out to schools

If you want to take things one step further and be proactive in your search for casual relief teacher work, there are a couple of great tools in ClassCover to get you off to a good start. From the Find New Schools page, you can browse schools in your area and filter by school type, level, distance from a particular post code and more. Once you find a school that you like the look of, request to be added to their list and let your profile do the rest.

Tip: If you are looking for immediate work, jump into the ClassCover Jobs portal where you will see callouts for casual relief teachers, contract positions and more.

✅ Get the green tick (NSW teachers only)

For teachers in NSW, our direct integration with the Department of Education means your profile will include a tick indicating whether you are up to date with your mandatory training and have demonstrated the qualifications required to teach.  

See a green tick on your profile? Congrats! You’re ready to go. See an orange tick? That means you may have outstanding training to complete, or the Department of Education doesn’t have a record of it. 

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