Your ClassCover profile is your online CV and it’s important that it is treated as such. Maintaining and updating your profile will help you put your best foot forward. Teachers with fully filled out profiles will have an increased chance of being added to new schools via our Find New Teachers feature.

The top 3 profile types schools avoid

The never touched profile – These are the set and forget profiles. The never went back and finished profiles. These profiles will have no information, no picture, no important attachments and certainly no availability updated – they are a sea of HI orange. The thing is, some teachers are actually operating ClassCover this way as they may have one school they regularly get work through. These profiles won’t be seeing much action with other schools however and are at high risk of being put to the bottom of preferred lists.

The abandoned profile – Teachers who fall into this category have failed to update their profile for a few months or longer, and it’s obvious. They will have out of date training certificates, an expired accreditation date, HI (orange) all over their availability calendar (hasn’t indicated) and will repeatedly ignore requests for work (yes, schools can see when you don’t respond – and they do complain).

The almost profile – These profiles are so close! However, they are lacking important information and fail to really market themselves. Unfortunately these profiles won’t be seeing action from new schools either and risk getting put to the bottom of the preferred list by connected schools as teachers with full and updated profiles will stand out more.

So how does your profile stand up?

In the checklist below, count how many items you have

  1. Uploaded your proof of right to work in Australia (a picture of your Driver’s Licence, Passport or Birth Certificate will do)

  2. Entered your qualifications

  3. Uploaded your proof of approval to teach

  4. Uploaded any mandatory training certificates (ie: anaphylaxis Certificate and e-emergency) and they are up to date

  5. Entered the subjects you’re qualified to teach (Only applicable to secondary teachers)

  6. Uploaded proof of formal qualifications

  7. Entered your Teacher Registration ID and expiry date – and its up to date

  8. Entered your correct teaching levels

  9. Uploaded your resume (or video CV)

  10. Uploaded a profile picture

  11. Entered your two referees

  12. Updated your availability (eg: it’s not the dreaded sea of orange)

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