Congratulations! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to adopt Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging (ACM) solution across your organization. This article is intended to be a launch point to help you ensure your organization properly configures ACM. It will cover:

  • A high-level overview of Automated Care Messaging

  • Highly recommended configuration steps that you should consider before sending any messages, and is important for legal and compliance purposes

  • Essential articles for new Administrators to read

  • Tips for sending your first messages

  • How to get ongoing help and support

If you are looking for information about general usage of the application to be shared with your team, please refer to the Getting Started Guide for New Users.

If you've also purchased our Staff Add-on to communicate with your employees and other stakeholders, please be sure to check out our Getting Started with Staff Add-on: A Guide for Administrators article next!

Note: This application is intended for use by facility administrators, executive directors, directors of care, directors of nursing, and/or supervisors. It allows a single user to trigger mass notifications to a large volume of contacts and should be restricted for use by trusted individuals

Getting to Know ACM

Through seamless integration with your EHR, Automated Care Messaging allows you to send targeted messages via voice, text or email to resident family contacts and/or staff. The solution utilizes resident family contact information already stored in your EHR and automatically logs records of all communications in residents' charts.

It’s a very effective tool to send mass notifications to keep your stakeholders informed. Whether during an emergency situation, outbreak, or simply to inform the community of an upcoming social event, it will save your care team hours of manual call outs.

If you’re not familiar with the solution, we recommend you start by watching this 2-minute overview video:

Checklist to a Successful Deployment

Once you have received your Welcome Email from Cliniconex, the Automated Care Messaging application has been integrated with your EHR and is ready for use! The system can be used to send Urgent notifications right away, but we highly recommend you complete a few important steps and familiarize yourself with the suggested articles below to ensure you are comfortable with how the system will operate.

Note: Steps 1, 2 and 3 described below are only applicable for PointClickCare EHR users. If you use any other EHR, these topics will be addressed during your implementation session with Cliniconex.

There are 4 actions you should evaluate right away to ensure that your internal team can make the most of the ACM solution and to ensure the best experience for your residents’ family contacts. Before sending your first message or sharing the application with users across your organization we recommend that you complete the following steps:

  1. Configure Communication Logs. This will ensure that all messages sent from the application are recorded and stored in your PointClickCare EHR for future access by your team. This is important for legal and compliance purposes and to keep an easily accessible record of all communications sent to families directly on your residents' charts.

  2. Ensure that your facilities have up-to-date contact information stored in PointClickCare' Resident Charts under the Profile > Contacts tab
    This contact information will be used by ACM every time you send a message.
    Learn more by reading the "Contact Types" section of this article on Communication Methods.

  3. Review your Contact Type Order as currently configured in your PointClickCare EHR. This will ensure that messages are sent to the appropriate contact(s) for Residents. This is detailed in the "Contact Types" section of this article on Communication Methods.

  4. Configure Caller ID for your facilities to ensure that resident family contacts receiving voice calls from your organization can immediately see who the calls are coming from, and don't mistake them for spam.

Essential Articles for New Administrators

The following is a list of articles we deem to be essential for new administrators to familiarize themselves with ACM. They're important to make the most out of your investment and ensure a successful rollout of the tool across your organization!

  • Communication Methods: who will receive your messages and by which communication channel (voice, text or email)? This article goes over the important default settings that will determine the audience of your messages.

  • User Roles and Permissions: from adding new users to understanding the different levels of access to ACM, this article is intended to help you determine how to best provision access to the application to your users.

  • Creating and Managing Templates: ACM is a powerful application designed to help senior care organizations large or small manage outbound messaging to their community through the use of templates. Templates are extremely important to plan for possible scenarios your team may encounter and to standardize messaging across your organization. This article goes over how to create and manage templates and share them across your organization and/or facility.

  • Accessing Reports and Communication Logs: once your first message has been sent, you'll want to know if your target audience received it as expected. This article details how to access communication logs in your PointClickCare EHR and how to email yourself detailed reports of all messages sent and their outcomes.

Sending Your First Messages

From our experience, it’s good practice to start by sending a Welcome Message to your resident family community to introduce this as a new channel of communication.

Here is an example: “We are pleased to announce that we are now using an automated resident family notification system. This will allow us to inform you of any important updates regarding your loved ones in a timely manner. These notifications will go out by voice call by default. If you would prefer to receive the notifications by text or email (or unsubscribe) please let us know by emailing

We always recommend you send yourself a voice, text and email TEST before sending every message. This will allow you to preview exactly what your resident family contacts will receive. This is a good practice to share with all users within your organization.

This video will provide you with a quick run-through of the steps involved in sending your first message:

To learn more about how to use the ACM Urgent web application, take a read through our Automated Care Messaging User Guide and be sure to share it with your team!

Help and Support Resources, including an Extensive Knowledge Base

Start by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If questions remain, please see the resources below:

What's Next?

Navigate our Knowledge Base or search for any questions you might have.

If you've also purchased our Staff Add-on to communicate with your employees and other stakeholders, please be sure to check out our Getting Started with Staff Add-on: A Guide for Administrators article next!


Note: All information provided in our knowledge base will assume default settings as typically configured by Cliniconex. You may experience differences in the event that your organization has changed these settings.

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