Eatwith and partners - who and why?

Eatwith has various partners such as TripAdvisor, Marriott, Placepass and more. This means members of these sites will be able to view and book your experience! 

How does Eatwith select the experiences for partners?

In most cases it's being done automatically. Eatwith is scanning the data and according to the requirements, experiences are being selected.

What are the requirements?  

  1. Experiences with high-quality photos and intriguing descriptions.

  2. A minimum of 1-2 guests per event.

  3. Use instant booking on the experience level.

  4. Host guests for private events only.

Will all bookings be booked as private events?

Yes - all experiences booked through online partners will be booked by guests as private events. As your experience is only bookable as a private event, we encourage you to set the minimum number of guests to 2/3, as guests often travel as couples or in small groups.

Will I know if the booking comes from a Partner? 

In some cases, yes - and they will all appear as a booking in your inbox and event like normal.  

How can I maximize my chances to get visibility on the partners platform? 

  1. Collecting as many reviews as possible on Eatwith and on the Partner page. Not sure how? Contact your Community Manager.

  2. Avoid cancellations as much as possible.

Can I be removed from the partnerships?

Yes, if you wish to remove your experience from our partners websites, please message your Community Manager. 

Also note: by not scheduling dates, cancelling bookings or getting negative reviews, your experience may be removed from Partner sites.

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