What is a Private Event and how does it differ from an Open Event?

Private events are exclusive gatherings for a set number of guests. You'll receive special booking requests to celebrate occasions - birthdays, bachelorettes, family gatherings, corporate events, and more!

An Eatwith Open Event is a ticketed experience that is open to the public, that anyone to book. You will attend the event with other guests.

How can I choose if I want to accept only open or private events?

  1. Go to “My experiences”, click on the experience you would like to edit.

  2. Click on “3. Description” and choose your bookings options. We highly recommend you choose to host private groups and open events.

Do the bookings options impact the visibility of my experiences on the website?

No matter what option you choose, you will appear on the Eatwith search results. Your experience will be visible on the search page, even if you host private events only.

Do I have to update my calendar if I do only private or open events?

Yes, no matter what option you choose, if your calendar is open by default you need to close the dates when you are not available to host.

Guests will not be able to send a booking request on a date that is closed.

Learn more about your calendar here.

How does it work for your guests?

If you accept private groups and open events, guests will be able to book seats for an open event or book for a private event if they reach the minimum number of guests required. If the minimum number of guests is not reached, the guests can only book for an open event.

If your experience is in instant booking, the bookings will be automatically confirmed no matter the option the guests choose.

In the example below, the minimum number of guests required by the host is 10. The guest can book an open event or a private event for his group of 10 or above.

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