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About the Class Ratios Page
About the Class Ratios Page

Easily manage your classrooms by tracking Instructor to Enrollee Ratios

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You can find your Class Ratios in two places:

If the Ratios page is not showing up, let us know. You may not have this feature turned on. Why is the Class Ratios page significant?

View Attendance

First, the Ratios page gives Administrators and Instructors a quick and easy way to see all students who are checked in or out in one view that is filterable by Program and Class. Enrollee headshots (if uploaded) can be seen here, as well as Instructor headshots.

Ratios page in Enrollsy

Instructor Functionality

Second, we created functionality around Instructor behavior and activity with the Ratios page. The Instructor creation page (My Company > Users > Instructors) includes a checkbox that allows you to create an Instructor with visibility to all Classes.

You can assign a primary and secondary Instructor to a Class but still give other Instructors access in case of an instructor's absence or the consolidation of a Class during the day...without having to assign all Instructors to all Classes.

Instructor Activity

Instructor Activities can be viewed and posted from the Ratios page. Click on the Instructor's name to see their timeline with any Activities. Admin can post Activities for Instructors here, such as Entering and Existing Classrooms.

Entering & Exiting Classroom

Instructors can not only view any Class they are assigned to but can "Enter" a Class and have their presence in the Class recorded and counted towards the ratio for the Class.

When they leave the Class, they can "Exit" similarly. If they "Enter" a second Class before "Exiting" the first Class, they will be automatically "Exited" from the first Class.

Enrollee Activity

You can also view any Enrollee's timeline here. Just click on the Enrollee's name to open the timeline window where you can view their Activities sorted from newest to oldest. You can also post Activities in this window as well.

Class Activity Timelines

Third, the Ratios page allows administrators to see a Class Activity timeline. This timeline, similar to an Enrollee Activity timeline, shows all Instructor "Enters" and "Exits" as well as other Classroom Activities, such as Room Transfers.

Admins can also post notes and photos to the Class Activity timeline for historical purposes.

Close Classrooms

Lastly, the Ratios page lets you close your Classes with a button. Closing a Class checks out every Enrollee from the Class and causes all Instructors, who have entered the Classroom to exit.

Closing the Class gives you a clean slate for the next Class time and saves you or your Instructors from having to scour Classes in the app to make sure everyone is checked out and will be able to check in the next time Class meets quickly.

Closing a class in Enrollsy

Class Capacity

The Ratios page also shows at a glance the Class capacity, as well as how many Instructors are assigned to that class.

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