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Be careful before deleting Enroll Form questions! Deleting any fields a customer has previously answered will ERASE that question/field from the customer's account and DELETE the customer's answer.

There are two better options than deletion:

Hide Question/Field

The first option (we think it's the best) is hiding that old question/field on the Enroll Form and the Customer App, so it's only visible to Admins.

  • Hide in Customer Portal - Hides the field in the Customer Portal so it is no longer visible to the customer.

  • Hide on Enroll Form - Hide the field on the Enroll Form so that new Enrollees/Customers will not see the field/question.

Within the field settings, scroll to the bottom and turn the appropriate toggle(s) on:

hide question options in Enrollsy

Export Customer Data

You can also download all the existing customers' data for historical purposes, that includes the old question/field, by exporting from the Enrollees table.

Check out this support article to learn how to export data.

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