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See all the types of Reports you can customize in Enrollsy

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In Enrollsy, you can create Custom Reports using any information you include in either the Enroll Form or a Program Form. You can create "office-use only" fields on the Enroll Form or include Tags to customize Reports further. See "How to create a custom Report" for more detailed instructions.

You can even now save these custom reports as "Views." See this support article for more information.

Enroll Form Custom Reports

The following are just a few of the types of Custom Reports you can create via the Enroll Form:

  • Preferred Contact (Email/Text)

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Release (or "no release") Contacts

  • Medical Info, including allergies, medications, medical conditions, etc.

  • Special Needs or Special Services

  • Custody or visitation rights

  • Forms

  • Preferred Days/Times

  • Start Date/Enrolled On Date

  • Special services (therapy)

Program Form(s) Custom Reports

The following are some examples of Custom Reports you can make out of a Program Form (specialized questions geared toward one or more Programs):

  • Drop off/Pick up times

  • Start dates / Withdrawal date

  • Shirt sizes

  • Headshots (acting)

  • Infants only (require bottle, etc.)

  • Permission Forms

Using Tags for Custom Reports

These are just a small sampling of some ways you can customize reports based on Tags:

using tags in custom reports in Enrollsy
  • Tours

  • Type of Account (free/subsidized, etc.)

  • preferred contact

  • Issues (bad email, no photo, etc.)

  • Account reviewed

  • Enrollment link sent

  • Full-Time/Part-Time

  • Photo permission

  • T-shirt (needed or already given out)

  • No contact info or photo

  • Subsidized or Free Tuition

  • Allergies

  • Medications

  • Headshot

See How to create and edit Tags for more details on how to create Tags.

Custom Labels

A few custom labels can also be added for even more custom reporting! These include a Contact card, a PIN on file, and a Balance. These options are under "Account" in the filter:

custom labels in Enrollsy

Use one or more of these labels to customize a report:

  • Contact Card - This puts a Contact icon beside each Account. Click on the icon to view the Primary Account Holder's contact information (email address and cell phone number).

    contact card in Enrollsy
  • On File - This shows who has either a card or a bank account on file. It shows up like this in the report, with a bank icon (representing a bank account) or a credit card icon (representing a card):

    on file label in Enrollsy
  • Has PIN - This shows who has a kiosk PIN set up (see How to set up/reset the Kiosk PIN for more information on setting up a PIN).

  • $ Balance - This shows any CURRENT balance on any account. Balances due will be in red and look like this:

    balance label in Enrollsy

    Any credits on the Account will be in green in parentheses, like this:

    credit label in Enrollsy

    If there is no balance OR credit on the Account, there will be a black zero.

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