How to Trigger a Tag

Enrollsy can automatically add a Tag when a Charge Item is posted

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You can automatically trigger a Tag upon the charging of a Charge Item. In other words, the enrollment will be auto-tagged every time a Charge Item (of your choosing) is placed on a customer account for that enrollment.

If you have not created your Tags, please do that first. See this support article for assistance.

Add or Edit a Trigger

To add or edit a trigger, click on an existing Tag or the plus button under the Tag label to create a new Tag. To edit an existing one, click on the pencil icon beside the Tag name. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Enter Label

Enter the Tag Label (usually, this corresponds to the Charge Item you are triggering). For example, if you have an Extended Care Charge Item, the label could be "Extended Care" or "Ext.Care."

Step 2 - Add Trigger

Scroll down to the Triggers setting to add your trigger, which is a Charge Item. If you need to create a new Charge Item, do so on your Items page.

Step 3 - Edit Options

Edit any other options you want and then click Save to finish.

Now when someone enrolls and the Charge Item you chose as a Triggers is charged to that account, the new Tag will appear on that Enrollment.

NOTE: You must add the Tag manually for any existing account.

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