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How to Fill Out Additional Information in your Account
How to Fill Out Additional Information in your Account

If you are a Customer or Account Holder, learn how to access your Enrollsy account

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You have enrolled at a school or business who uses Enrollsy. Now they want you to complete some information in your account. How do you do that?

Access Portal

First of all, you have to know how to access your Enrollsy account. You have two ways to access your Account (NOTE: You must already be enrolled in a Program to sign in):

  • Enrollsy App

    Download the Enrollsy app from one of the following:
    - Apple App Store
    - Google Play

    Once the app is downloaded, log in with the email address you used to enroll. If you don't know which email you used, please contact the company you enrolled with.

  • Browser Link

    You can also log in using a browser - we recommend Chrome or Safari. Please contact the company you enrolled with for the custom enroll link. If the link is available on the company website, go there. Please DO NOT go to Enrollsy's website to sign in.

NOTE: The Account Holder can simultaneously sign in to their Enrollsy account on both devices.

For more information on how to sign in, see this support article. Having trouble signing in? Click here to troubleshoot.

Access Account

Once signed into the portal, follow these steps to access your Account:

Step 1 - My Account

Click on the menu bar and then My Account.

Step 2 - Account Tab

On this page, you can click on "Account" to enter or edit any information pertaining to Account Holders, such as contact information, marital status, etc.

Step 3 - Enrollee Tab

Click on the Enrollee name to enter or edit any information pertaining to Enrollee(s), such as gender, birthdate, school name, grade, etc. Also, any information pertaining to specific enrollments can be found under each Enrollee name.

Step 4 - Save!

Be sure to click "Save" after filling in the information! The "Save" button can be found at the top and bottom of the page.

Access Documents

If you have any outstanding Documents that need to be signed, uploaded, or downloaded, they will appear at the very top of the Customer App/Portal as shown:

Click on the red band to see a list of Documents needed.

  • For Documents to download, click on the download icon. For Documents to upload, click on the "Upload" button. View this support article for more information on these types of Documents.

  • For Documents to sign, the Document will say "Check email." Click here to learn how to receive and complete E-signature Documents.

Access Card/Bank Info

To access and edit your credit/debit card or bank information, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Home Page

Click on the Home page from the menu:

payments page in Enrollsy customer portal

Step 2 - Make a Payment

Click the "Make a Payment" button. Scroll to the bottom to "Payment Method." Delete the payment method you need to change by clicking the trashcan icon. Add the new information.

payments page in Enrollsy customer portal
  • ACH Payment (Electronic Check)

    To put in your bank account, click "Electronic Check (ACH)" and enter your bank routing and account numbers. Be sure to hit "Submit" to save the information.

Set up ACH payment in Customer App in Enrollsy
  • Credit or Debit Card

    To put in your debit/credit card, click "Credit/Debit Card" and enter your card information. Be sure to hit "Submit" to save the information.

where to enter credit or debit card information in Enrollsy customer portal
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