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How to Create a Subsidy Program

If you accept government subsidy payments, you can now set up a program for those

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Does your business receive government subsidy payments for child care? If so, Enrollsy can help you set these up.

Create a Charge Item

The first thing you will need is to create a Charge Item for your subsidy. Follow these steps to do that:

  1. Head over to My Company, then click on the Items tab.

  2. Under Charge Items, click the plus button to add an item reflecting your Subsidy. Click save.

Create a Subscription Payment Plan

Then under the appropriate Enrollment Period, you will need to create a Subscription Payment Plan. Currently, subsidies will ONLY work with Subscription Payment Plans. See this article for specific steps to create this Payment Plan.

Create Subsidy Program

Now it's time to create your Subsidy Program. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Create a new Program from scratch. See this article for how to create a Program.

  2. Duplicate one of your current Programs. If you choose this option, you will need to differentiate this Program from the one you duplicated, as you cannot have the exact same Program Options. NOTE: This does NOT include the Nickname as that is an internal option.

Once you have created your Program, you will need to set it up in the following way:

Step 1 - Pricing

Under Pricing (no matter your Enrollment Model), set the Program Cost to "Subscription." NOTE: Subsidy currently ONLY works with the Subscription Program Cost.

Step 2 - Create Payment Plan

Next, you will need to create a Subscription Payment Plan. See this article for how to create this type of Payment Plan.

Step 3 - Add Payment Plan

After creating the Subscription Payment Plan, under Payment Plans, click "Add/Remove Payment Plans" and select the Payment Plan you created.

IMPORTANT: Leave the Subscription Payment Plan blank on the Program level. You will fill in the pricing on the individual accounts.

Click "Save" to save your work.

After the customer has enrolled in the subsidy Program, you will have to add the subsidy pricing manually. See this support article for those steps.

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