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How to Print a Report for FSA/Dependent Care
How to Print a Report for FSA/Dependent Care

Need to give a Customer a receipt for payments made for their Flexible Spending Account? Here's how.

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We found that many of our clients have Customers who need an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or Dependent Care Report. Most FSA/Dependent Care Reports require the following information:

  • Provider Name (Company name), address, and Tax ID

  • Participant Name (Account Holder/Parent)

  • Dependents Name(s) (Enrollee/Child)

  • Service Dates of Care Provided

  • Type of Service

  • Total Amount of Fees per Dependent/Enrollee

  • Signature of Director/Admin

There are two possible ways to create one of these reports with most, if not all, of the above information:

  1. Add Dates of Service to Invoicing/Print Transaction Statement

  2. Create a Dependent Care Form and upload it as an E-signature Document

See below for more details on these two methods.

Dates of Service/Transaction Statement

The first, and most used, method includes adding "Dates of Service" to your Invoicing so that it shows up on Transaction Statements. Follow the steps below to print a Dependent Care report this way.

Step 1 - Add Dates of Service

First of all, you will have to add "Dates of Service" to your Invoicing. This will be on EACH Payment Plan/Payment Events within EACH Enrollment Period.

See this support article for detailed steps to add Dates of Service to Invoicing.

The "Dates of Service" comment will show up in the Customer's Transaction History like this (based on the above example):

Step 2 - Print a Transaction Statement

The next step is to print the Transaction Statement from the Customer's Billing page.

NOTE: If you add the "Dates of Service" after the charges and/or payments have been added, you will have to add a private or public comment to each transaction. Skip to Step 3 below to learn how to do this.

Click the print icon and "Print Statement" at the top-right of the Transaction History. Select the desired date range and click "Load" then "Print." Send the statement either to a printer or save it as a PDF to email.

Step 3 - Add Comments to Transactions

If you added "Dates of Service" AFTER the transactions have been posted, then you will need to add them as comments to EACH transaction. You can add one of these comments:

  • Public (meaning the customer can view the comment in the Customer Portal)

  • Private (meaning the comment is internal-only viewable by an Admin User).

There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Add Current Invoice

    By clicking on + Add current invoice under a Customer's Payment Plan (on the Billing page), add a public or private comment with dates of service.

  • Invoices Detail

    On the Invoices page, click on "Details" beside an Invoice. Click on the three dots on any line item, then on "Edit." Add a public or private comment with dates of service.

  • Transactions Window

    Click on "Transactions" in the left-hand menu. A window will open where you can enter a charge, payment, refund, or credit. Add a public or private comment with dates of service.

  • Edit Existing Transaction

    You can also click on the three dots on any line item in the Transaction History to edit the existing transaction. The edit Transaction window looks just like the Post Transaction window. Add a public or private comment with dates of service and click Save.

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