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Social tools in iQualify
Disabling social features in iQualify
Disabling social features in iQualify

Social learning and discussion-lead enquiry are at the heart of what we do, but sometimes you want to enforce independent learning.

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Social features are enabled by default, but as a manager you can choose to make an activation free from social features and discussion.

Disabling social features means that learners have a learning experience that is independent of discussion with other learners.    

The following features are disabled:

  • talk channels - including announcements from facilitators

  • social notes

  • in-page discussions

Disabling social features for an existing activation hides all existing discussions.

Learners can still save study notes, complete activities, and facilitators can give feedback on activities and mark assessments.

To disable social features

  1. In Create on the Details tab for an activation

  2. Use the toggle for Social Features  to enable or disable

  3. Click Update or Activate

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