Class management

Manage users and dates as a main facilitator for your class.

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This feature can be enabled by getting your Account Owner to turn on the feature setting for Class management  in Account Settings. Read more about how to do this in How to turn on class management.

Class management
When class management is enabled: 

1. Any facilitator who has been added as a main facilitator will be able to add and remove learners, other facilitators, and coaches, as well as change dates from the Class page. Read more about Adding a main facilitator.

2. When an author publishes a new tasks course, they will have the option to activate a class for this course. They will automatically be added as a main facilitator. This doesn't apply to legacy courses.

Facilitators who have been added as a main facilitator

Some organisations prefer to have a central person(s) manage setting up all the course activations. If this is the case it is more likely that you will be given class management permissions by being added as a main facilitator to a specific class.

Once added as a main facilitator, head to Class console (for tasks courses) or Class (for legacy activities and assessment) and you'll see the options to add learners, facilitators, coaches and edit dates.

As a Main facilitator, your name and a bio will be displayed on the learner's course overview page. See more info on How to use facilitator bios to introduce yourself to your learners.

For authors (who also will be the facilitators for the class)

If you're an author who creates a Task-based  course, when you publish, you'll get the option to automatically activate a class of this course using the default settings. This option will only appear the first time you publish and not if you make further edits.

The class activation starts on the day you publish and follows any rules you set up in the study plan for when tasks are due. You and any other authors on this course will be automatically added as Main facilitators.  This means your names and bios will be displayed on the learner's course overview page. See more info on How to use facilitator bios to introduce yourself to your learners.

You'll be taken directly to the Class console page of your new class and from there you can adjust the end and due dates, and add your learners, other facilitators and/or coaches.  

Managing your class

To add a single learner, facilitator or coach 

  1. Click Add learners ,  Add facilitators or Add coaches .

  2. Enter their email address

  3. If they are a known already their details will appear. 

  4. If they are a brand new to iQualify enter their details

  5. Click Add to course 

To add bulk learners, facilitators or coaches

  1. Click Add learners ,  Add facilitators or Add coaches .

  2. Click the Import file  tab

  3. Click the  Upload file button and select your file.

There is a sample Template  file that you can download and fill in, or an Example file so that you can see some sample data by using the downloads dropdown.

Although you can add other facilitators you can't grant other facilitators Main facilitator permission.  This has to be done by the person with Manager permissions.

Managing your users

Once added, you'll see all learners appear on your Class console (or Class) page and you can filter and sort these in various ways.  You can remove a learner at anytime by selecting Remove .

Facilitators and coaches will appear at the top of your class page and can be removed by clicking on the X.

Assigning learners to coaches
Coaches can only see the progress and tasks of learners they're assigned to. To assign learners click on the edit (pencil) button next to the coaches name. 

Welcome emails will be sent

Once the user is added to the course they will receive an email to set up their password and login if they're new to iQualify.

All users you add will get an email that tells them they've been added to your class, and the name of it.  They'll also get a link which takes them directly to the class after they login.

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