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Job Status

A customisable dashboard for showing the status of Jobs for an individual client and associated client locations.

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The Job Status view will give you insight to the status of your Jobs for a particular client and their associated locations. To view a client's Job status go to Client > View a Client > Job Status.

Customise Dashboard View

To setup the dashboard view for this client click on the “Customise Table View” button below. This will allow you to add the Workflow Form(s) you require for this client and are currently enabled on the system. Once these are added, the dashboard will show the status of the most recent Job for this client, their location and associated Workflow Form(s). 

You can also re-order the workflows by simply selecting the workflow(s) and rearranging them in your preferred order.

Job Status Definitions

  • Assigned - Job has been assigned to a user.

  • In Progress - Job is in progress with the user i.e. the job has been downloaded  to the user's device and is awaiting to be completed.

  • Pending - Job has been completed by the user and is waiting to be reviewed and approved.

  • Completed - Job has been completed.

You can directly view pending and completed jobs by clicking on the respective icon next to the location/workflow name(s). 

Export Grid to Excel

You can export your data to CSV where you can download for your own records or to run additional analysis.

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