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Start your Leonardo journey with a brief orientation to the home screen

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Welcome to Leonardo.AI! We’re glad you’re here. This guide – and many more – will help explain the various tools and features available on the platform.

Ready to dive in? Let's get started with the home screen.

1. Start Here


The main page. Click here to return to the home screen at any time. Your active tokens are displayed at the top left. Newly added generative models featured at the top of the page, with recent creations from the community displayed below.


Here you can see public images created by our community. Sort by trending, newest, or top images. Use the search bar to look for specific generations, or browse by key categories including photography, architecture and anime.


This space is where any images you've personally created are stored (unless you permanently delete them). Alongside your own generations, you can also view those from creators you follow, or images you’ve liked from the community. Just like the community feed, you can filter generations by trending, new or top, view by category and search using the search bar.

⚠️ Note: Images edited in the AI Canvas are not stored in your Personal Feed.


Train your own image-generation model with this powerful tool. Switch between existing datasets, edit them, and monitor progress to see how your training is going. Note: Free accounts have only 1 x Model Training Token. A detailed guide on training models is on its way!


Browse a gallery of pre-trained models that create different types of images. Handpick your favourites based on the descriptions to bring your ideas to life. As well as the official models trained by our team, you can also search community-created models and view those you’ve trained yourself. There’s something for nearly every style and effect, and an almost limitless choice to get you creating.

2. User Tools


The core of Leonardo.Ai. Here you can generate new images and bring your vision to life. For a detailed breakdown of the features, check out this handy guide.


Our dynamic image-editing tool. Take charge of post-production and put the finishing touches on your images. For a deep dive on how to use it, read our detailed guide.


Add context-aware textures to your 3D models. Upload your model (currently supporting OBJ files) and create next-gen assets in moments. Note: this feature is in Alpha and a guide to how to use it is on the way!

3. API Access and Other Settings


The Application Programming Interface (API) page allows individuals and companies alike to subscribe to our Production API plans and harness the power of Leonardo in their products and services. There's also a handy pricing calculator to see what associated costs of an generative job will be like based on the various settings we offer.


Personalise your profile by changing your username, selecting your interests and NSFW preferences. You can also permanently delete your account here if no longer required.


This section has all our frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of Leonardo.Ai. Please note that all guides and FAQs will shortly be migrating to Intercom.


Links to our various social media platforms, including our Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit communities.

👋 Come say hi and join millions of other engaged, friendly and supportive users!

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