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There are three ways to add participants. Adding parent information is optional.

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There are 3 ways to add participants

  • This works great for a large number of participants.

  • If you already know who will participate, it's easy to add a smaller number of participants using this feature. (75 or less)

    • New students; you can manually add participants at any time during your season.

    • Including Parent information is optional.

  • The recruiting tool allows you to customize an online registration form for parents to fill out to enroll their child into your club.

    • This works great if you don't know who wants to participate.

    • This also gives a parent the option to create their own Marathon Kids account to follow their child's progress and even submit miles from home.

What is Participant and Parent Information used for?

Participant Information

Participants are who you want to track miles and minutes during your season.

Once your participants are officially added to your season, you can filter participants by gender, grade, and/or class to:

What you can do with Participant Information?

Participants can even view their own personalized participant dashboard!

Parent information

Adding parents is an optional feature and not required for the program.

Including parents' information gives parents the option to create their own Marathon Kids account to follow their child's progress and submit miles completed at home to the coach.

There are 3 ways to invite parents

  • Add in Bulk - Automatically invites parents via email once you upload your roster.

    • You must include parent information at this time to avoid adding parents one by one.

  • Manually - Add parents to the student's information at any time to send an automatic email invite.

  • Recruitment Page - this feature automatically gives the parent the option to create their account after filling out your customized registration link.

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