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Mbrella explained: Expenses, Budgets & our Mobility Hub

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Congrats, you've chosen flexible mobility over a traditional company car!
We're so glad to have you on board! And Mbrella? That's the platform to manage it all! So you can spend what you want, when you want! 💰

Here is everything you need to know to get started in no time.👇

Step 1. Access your account

Once you've received your invitation email, you can connect to Mbrella by entering a password of your choice.

It is best to use google chrome or safari as a browser to access mbrella. Internet explorer tends to have performance issues.

Log in to your Mbrella account using your company email and Mbrella password:

Note: If you have an admin account please consult the admin documentation here.

Step 2. Mbrella explained

Mbrella has five main tabs: Expenses, Budgets, Allowances, Mobility Hub and in the bottom left corner Your profile.
Navigate between these tabs by clicking on them on the left-hand side of the page.


The expenses tab provides a list of past expenses that you have created and their current status: approved, pending, or refused.

To create a new expense click "Add expense" in the top right corner.

Find out more about your expenses here.
A guide on how to create expenses can be found here.


The budget tab gives you an overview of your active budget, the amount you have already spent, and the amount you have left.

Find out more about your budget here.


Do you ride your bike to work? If your employer gives you a km allowance for your commute, you can add all your trips here!

The Mobility Hub

In the Mobility Hub you will find all benefits your HR manager has activated for you.

From bike allowance to home working allowance, mobility-on-the-go, or a public transport subscription. Whatever your HR manager has activated for you, you'll find it here.

Mobility budget

That's Mbrella in a nutshell.

Get started with Mbrella thanks to our tutorials and create your first expense now with our easy user guide.

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