Receive SMS / Email Invite from Your Hospital

You may have received a text message from you hospital (and an email) letting you know that you have been invited to their Med App account.

Use the unique invitation in the SMS retrieve your invite. If you do not have the app you will be directed to the App Store or Google Play to download. If your registration details don't automatically fill when you open the app or hit the 'register now' button, go back to the SMS and tap the link (or you can just enter in your details manually).

If you are invited this way you will automatically have access to your hospitals account (will show up under 'my locations'). Otherwise you will need to request access (see down the page), or scan your site's access QR code.

SMS Invite with Link:

No App? Link Will Direct You to Download First:

Once you have downloaded it, click open.

Confirm Registration:

You will be directed to this registration screen, with your details already filled in.
If you are not directed to this screen, return to your text message and follow the link again.

You will also be prompted to allow access to the camera. This is a necessary feature of the application as QR Codes are used to provide access to sites as well as in the future to events/education signoff.

Just Download It!

Go to the App Store or Google Play and download Med App to you phone or tablet (iOS or Android). By registering you will have free access to our 'Open Access Med App' account. Open Access Med App has a bunch of info that has been put together by our CMO, the Med App team and our partners. Check it out!

If you want access your hospital's account you will need to:

  • Get an invite from your hospital (as described above)

  • Scanning your hospital's unique QR code

  • Request access by tapping on the account you want to get into in the account selection screen in the app.

Scan Your Hospital's Unique QR Code for Access

If your hospital has them up you can scan the unique QR code to access your hospital account. Keep an eye out for them in secure areas around your hospital.

Note: not all hospitals will use these QR codes.

Request Access to your hospital

Request access for your hospital by going to the location screen (you can tap the 'change location' button at the top of the Med App home page) and tap on the hospital you want access. Then tap 'request access'. Write you role and hospital and submit the request.

Your hospital admin will then need to approve you for access. You will be notified via the app once you have been approved.

Make sure you update your role

Remember! Select the role which best applies to you. This means that you get to see the most relevant content to you and receive the most relevant announcements and notifications.

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