This page give you access to all of the extra settings and other features. You can:

Edit Profile

Update your name, email, and phone number.

View Roles

View and update your role

My Documents

View all Mailouts sent to you from any hospital you have / are currently working at

My Events

View all Events you have attended or been invited to. You can also see cancelled events, or events that you did not attend.

Invite Friends

If your hospital is using it, you can use the invite friends QR code to share with someone and give them access to your current hospital's account.


Get in touch with the Med App team directly. Have a question about the app or want something updated? Let us know so we can deliver the best experience possible.

If you have feedback on content, you can make a comment direct from the app which will go to your hospital admin.


Update notification preferences, view the privacy policy and see when the content was last fully synced.

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