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Who receives notifications, how, from where, and when? This is from the perspective of both administrators and app users

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Med App contains a number of different settings for notifications for users. Notifications are an important method in which administrators can communicate with users without sending unnecessary spam. The types of notifications and related settings are explained below.

A users notification settings are found on the profile/notifications tab of mobile applications. To turn them on/off follow the steps below:

  1. Open Med app on any mobile device

  2. Press 'more' in the lower navigation bar

  3. Open notification preferences

  4. Select which notifications you want to receive.

A series of images describing the process to access notifications settings

An explanation of each is below:


Notifications that relate to the current location that a user is logged into. Location notifications are different from Content notifications, which may apply to a location but are not sent at the same level, to avoid spamming users.


Keep clinicians up to date on upcoming events and reminders on the day to mark attendance and complete feedback.

Content Changes:

These notifications are optionally sent by administrative users when content is added, changed or removed. Content changes as a push notification are disabled by default to avoid over-messaging users.

For users who do not have content changes enabled (ie the default setting), an administrative decision to 'notify of content changes' can be made and will result in that change being listed on the app newsfeed.


These are notifications sent by the MedApps team and are generally of a system nature (ie to inform users of changes or interruptions to service etc)

Critical Notifications:

Critical notifications are changes that a user should receive, whether or not they have enabled push notifications.

These may include:

  • A user being invited or removed for access to a Hospital

  • A users role being modified

  • A user being sent a Document (visible in the Profile/Documents tab) that may require user action, for example, it may be a critical policy change, or an Orientation document where read receipt is required.

By default, critical notifications are sent to users via SMS.

If a user wishes to receive these notifications by Push, they'll need to enable push notifications for the application in their phones settings or else these notifications will be sent by SMS.

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