How to send a Mailout

Use Mailouts to send targeted communication direct to clinicians phones with engagement tracking

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Mailouts are personalized messages sent directly to clinicians' phones, providing you with engagement tracking. They are primarily used for onboarding, rotations & quality improvement projects.

This article will show you two methods of sending your Mailout templates to clinicians:

  1. When inviting users to Med App - Users are not on the platform yet and you want to provide orientation

  2. From the Mailouts feature - Users are on the platform already

๐Ÿ’ก Before sending a Mailout, ensure you've created a template!

Click here to learn more.

Sending messages Ad-Hoc from the Mailout feature

You can watch a quick video of the process or see below for the steps.

Steps to sending a message from Mailouts feature

  1. Open the Communications feature and select Mailouts

  2. Click 'Send New Mailout' & select users using Cohorts, role or a list

  3. Select your Mailout template

  4. Review, edit and preview before sending

Using Mailout for orientation during user invitation process

Mailouts are most commonly used during orientation & rotations to provide onboarding to the hospital, department or services. The below process will show how you can attach your Mailout template to provide tracking for engagement and accreditation.

Steps to sending a Mailout during user invitations

  1. Open 'users' feature and select the 'invite users button'

  2. Add user details, configuring role, cohort, and access duration

  3. Select your Mailout template and send it!

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