How to use mailouts to onboard and engage your clinicians

Personalised onboarding and orientation letters that track engagement for risk management and accreditation

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Mailouts are personalised documents that you can send and track to your new starters and agency and locum staff on Med App. Mailouts help them get up to speed with clinical resources, hospital info, phone numbers, and processes. They also help you reduce risk and make orientation easy for your next accreditation or quality improvement project.

Benefits of using Mailouts

With mailouts, you can:

  • Streamline onboarding and rotations by automating your communications and helping clinicians access important information quickly and easily.

  • Track who has seen and signed your mailouts for risk management and accreditation purposes.

  • Improve clinician engagement and wellbeing by providing them with relevant and timely information.

How to use Mailouts

To create and send a mailout, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a new mailout template or use an existing one.

  • Add a title, body text, content links and signature to your mailout.

  • Send it as part of your onboarding process or anytime.

  • Mobile preview before sending your mailout.

  • Download a report of mailout engagement to see who has read and signed your mailout.

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In the links, we’ll show you how to do each of these steps in detail. Let’s get started!

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