Send reminders to everyone that is part of your Campaign

Send bulk reminders to users who have not viewed or signed a Campaign mailout

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If you have sent out a set of Mailouts to users using the Campaigns feature you can bulk send reminders to all users who have not viewed and/or signed the mailout with a single click. This saves time chasing people up or emailing follow-ups to people who may not have read your info.

How to I bulk send follow-ups?

Go to Campaigns and click the dropdown for your Campaign. Click the drop down for the specific mailout you would like to remind users about.

You will be able to see which users have viewed and/or signed the Mailout and when the last reminder was sent.

At the top you will see a button saying 'send reminders to all'. Click this button to automatically remind all users who haven't engaged with that mailout yet.

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