Giving people access to Med App is really easy and can be done by the user themselves or the dashboard admin. It basically depends on the different setup at your hospital.

🔥 Med App hospital success team will work with you to find the best setup based on the 50+ hospitals we work with.

Using the 'Invite New Users Feature'

This is used when you want to invite users to your account. There is also the option to invite people in bulk using a spreadsheet uploader.

What happens when I invite someone?

  • When you invite a new user (who doesn't have the app) they will get a SMS (which will from the designated 'short code' for your hospital) and email with a unique invitation link.

  • Clicking the link will take them to the app download page, then they can use the invite link again to retrieve their registration details.

  • Then they just select their password and will automatically have access to your hospital account.

How do I do it?

Watch this video for a quick overview or read on for some more detail.

  • From the Users page click 'invite new users'. Then enter in the details of the people you want to invite (all sections are required).

  • You can also select an access expiry date if you want.

  • Click invite to send out the invitations.

Send a reminder

Send a reminder SMS that their invite is still outstanding from the 'invited' tab of the user list.

  • Go to the 'invited' tab when on the users page

  • Select the checkboxes next to the people you want to send reminders to

  • Click 'send reminders' in the bottom right.

Give Temporary Access, with a QR Code!

Temporary access means users can scan a unique QR code for you site, get access for a set period of time (ask your Hospital Success Manager how to set the default period). And then be approved for full access or have it expire.

Use the action items list or user list pre-set filters to see any temporary users for you hospital.

You can find your site's unique QR code (and associated URL) directly on the dashboard.

🔥 If you want some special posters to put them on, ask your Hospital Success Manager for some cool Med App designs.

You can also switch on the 'invite a friend' feature to let mobile users share the temporary access code with others direct from their app.

Read more about how to make a poster with your QR code

User Requests

People can also find your hospital account via the locations list in the app and write a 'request'. This will show up in the dashboard action items.

Who you approve or deny is up to you and the preference of your hospital. Some sites are happy to let everyone in, while some tend to deny those users (e.g. other disciplines) who do not have specific content relevant to them.

To approve or deny requested just select the relevant option next to the user in the action items.

If you approve someone they get a message letting them know they have access. If you deny them they will not receive a message.

Read more about managing user requests

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