Mailouts are customisable, trackable, autofill documents that you can use to send to:

  • New interns

  • Locums¬†

  • New staff, or

  • Current staff (i.e. important targeted notifications - if notifications are 'off' they will receive a text message).

Mailouts allow you to create Templates using text, images, videos, tables, links (internal and external) and autofill fields. 

Internal linking lets you link directly to other articles in the app. E.g. so you can direct a new locum to the key unit information they will need to get started. Or so that a new intern has a list of the key information in the app in an easily accessible location.

Access it via the Mailouts page in the lefthand toolbar:


You can track engagement with the communications via the Mailout summary page. Click on one of the Mailouts to expand and see who it has been sent to, check whether they have read it (and when) and if they have signed it.

You can filter on the various columns to see the most recently sent Mailouts.

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